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Colour consistency: the problem

VeriVide products address an age-old problem: the same colour can look different - sometimes dramatically different - in different light conditions.

Colour checking in daylight isn’t the answer, because there is no such thing as uniform daylight. It differs according to time, season, location, climate, weather and atmospheric conditions.

Nature’s refusal to standardise daylight can play havoc within the global supply chain. Delays, disputes, waste and extra cost arise from the simple fact that a colour that looks right at the point of manufacture may look wrong at the point of delivery or sale.

Colour assessment: the solution

The VeriVide solution is a range of systems that mimic daylight (to agreed international standard known as D65), and different artificial light to retailers’, national and international standards. It then doesn’t matter where, when or how often colour needs to be checked: with VeriVide, colour can be viewed accurately and consistently at every stage.

For optimised productivity and quality assurance, VeriVide can now provide an objective, digital rendition of colours. Our range of advanced DigiEye systems assess colour more rapidly, accurately, objectively –and globally.

VeriVide is wholly and solely dedicated to this area of expertise, and has been the source of every significant innovation in colour assessment since 1964. That’s why our customers regard VeriVide products as the best of their kind in the world.

DigiEye Workstation
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