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AutoFoam: Unsurpassed Foam Finishing & Coating.

AutoFoam Systems Limited are one of world leaders in manufacture
of foam mixers and a range patented applicators for application of
foamed chemicals to textiles and carpets.

Application of foamed chemicals reduces the amount of moisture
added to the substrate therefore allowing an increase in the dryer
speed and efficiency, while minimising the energy consumption.

Cowie & Riding: Excellence Through Continuous Performance.

Industrial Mixer for Industrial Application.

Cowie & Riding a brand of Autofoam Systems Ltd,
Manufacturer of the a range of industrial mixers, Foaming Machines and associated equipment for the Floor Covering, Textile, Chemical, Latex, Bakery and Confectionery industries.

Verivide: Colour Assessment Cabinets

VeriVide manufacture
a range of colour assessment cabinets and booths and other visual assessment equipment, complemented with systems to enable greater efficiencies and quality throughout the supply chain to the point-of-sale.

VeriVide systems have proved highly successful in the textile and apparel sectors, where global sourcing of component manufacture has increased the need to assure colour and finish consistency, with the integration of DigiEye and associated products including colour management workstations

DigiEye: is the complete non-contact colour imaging solution.

DigiEye is a revolutionary non contact digital imaging system that captupe and measures the total colour and appearance of 2D and 3D images in a unique controlled lighting environment.

DigiEye's ability to select and retrieve colour data from any pixel in the high-resolution image allows the measurement of a very small or irrecular shaped samples. Measured colours are represented by their "finger-prints" in term of colorimetric values or spectral data. Electronic communication of the image and colour data is easy and fast over the World Wide Web using standard format

ChromaShare: The Flexible Colour Management Solution

ChromaShare SmartClient platform covers the whole range of colour management needs, all in one easy-to-use, easy-to-install desktop application. It eliminates the need for local databases, emails and CDs, giving you responsive local working and global connectivity.

ChromaShare SmartClient comes in a variety of configurations all sharing the same great ease of use and wide range of standard illuminants, colour difference equations and colour specification and decision making tools. Everything you save – every decision you make – is available world-wide without delays

EPC Dyeing Controller.

EPC Dyeing Controller, EPC central control and monitoring system, Dye machine automation.

EPC also supply parts and accessories for dyeing machine such as, Temperature Probe, Level Instruments, Flow meter, Liquid Switch, Cape Valve, ControlVlave etc

Smart Machine Vision Systems
The value of a machine vision system is realised by reducing labour involvement, optimising yield from every batch and providing accurate feedback for continuous process improvement.

Shelton vision systems incorporate cognitive computing and artificial intelligence (AI) to ‘understand’ the fabric appearance and enable system setting to be calculated by the system and automatically applied so that each style has the perfect inspection setting to ensure detection and avoid false alarms.

Deep learning techniques are employed to determine the defect type (classification) and severity (grade) of defects in real time, as well as to further refine detection and filtering capability.

C-TEX: quality control with purpose
for the best sewn product factories in the world

With c-tex products we tackle the challenges that many factories face but other technology providers have not mastered. We develop innovative solutions that tackle challenges head-on, manufacturing high quality products with low running costs. We have smart solutions to eliminate shaded garments, relax your fabric before cutting and help you get more from your fabric inspection.

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