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Take Control of Colour Variation

C-TEX colour is a continuous colour monitoring instrument. The goal of the technology is to eliminate colour mismatched garments by monitoring colour deviation of entire rolls, throughout the length and at three points across the width. The C-TEX Colour can be retrofitted onto existing C-TEX Fabric Inspection Machines and RM machines and also other makes and models of inspection and re-rolling equipment.

c-tex colour: roll batcher has been designed to eliminate colour mismatching in garments and other sewn goods.
c-tex colour: roll batcher monitors colour deviation of rolls throughout the length and at a minimum 3 points across the width.
c-tex colour: roll batcher then batches together rolls with consistent colour to be ready for cutting together.

All data is stored within the c-tex software for easy production planning. The data can also be used for consultations with your fabric providers.

The c-tex colour: roll batcher can be retrofitted onto existing c-tex Fabric Inspection and Relaxing Machines and also other makes and models of inspection and re-rolling equipment.

c-tex colour: roll batcher automatically generates a pass or fail report based on your colour match standards.


  • Simple colour management of fabric in your factory and factories globally

  • Get the best from your fabric providers by sharing objective feedback on colour consistency

  • Significantly reduce 2nd products as a result of colour mis-matching

  • Eliminate material losses incurred by taking swatches & reallocate valuable lab resource

  • Eliminate swatching process saving materials, time and resource.

  • Reduce cut panel sorting before sewing.


Delta E Equations capability: CIE1976, CMC2:1, CMC1:1

Chromaticity: TL84, D65, incandescent, cool white and others upon request

Accuracy of the system: 5 times better than visual, 0.2 Delta E (slight variation can result depending on what Delta E Equation is used)

Maximum Material Speed under sensors: 200m/min, Readings per Second: 11

Colour Monitoring of Patterned Fabric: Yes, on condition that patterns repeat throughout the length

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