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Excellence through continuous performance
Industrial mixers for Industrial applications

We are manufacturers of the CR range of Industrial Mixers, Foaming Machines and associated equipment for the Floor Covering, Textile, Chemical, Bakery and Confectionery Industries.


The Cowie and Riding
Industrial mixer product range - (CR Mixer)

The simple but effective design makes Cowie and Riding mixers one of the most reliable and efficient mixer on the market. Built from 100% stainless steel, they are hygienic, quick and easy to clean and maintain, reducing downtime and cutting waste.
Each machine is designed and built to the highest specifications by expert engineers in the UK.

C&R Industrial mixer design features

Rotors and stators provide a large surface area for the mixing process to take place, producing micro-fine structures
Mixer design gives fast but smooth and homogenous mixing / foam generation

  • Rotor and stators are positioned very close to each other, so the mixer is compact in size, and easy to install

  • Suitable for both long and short periods of continuous mixing

  • Simple to use manual controls for pump & mixer  

  • Only small quantities of ingredients are required to fill the mixing head to begin production. This gives the advantages of:

     > Quick start-up time
     > Fast cleaning
     > Minimal wastage

  • Quick changeover to other products when required

  • Constructed entirely from high-grade 316 stainless steel, including pump, mixer, frame, pipe-work and fittings

  • Available in 7 different sizes, with outputs from 60 to 4000 kg/hr, covering most application requirements

Applications for mixer in the Food Industry

  • Biscuit and cake manufacturers

     Angel cakes, Swiss Roll Sponge, Bar Cakes, Gateaux Sponges, Plain Sponges, American Muffins, Sponge batters, Biscuit batters, Meringue, Butter cream

  • Dairy product manufacturers

     Milk products, Yogurt, Cream, Mousse, including Fruit syrup and paste infusions

  • Ice cream and sorbet manufacturers

  • Sweet and other confectionery manufacturers

    Marshmallow, Mousse bars, etc

  • Manufacturers of fruit products and jam

Cowie and Riding Latex mixer
Cowie and Riding 10in Mixer
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