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Why Choose Us?

ChromaShare offers a complete colour management solution, with a flexibility and ease of use you'll love. ChromaShare can connect your teams, suppliers and customers to enable real-time collaboration in a secure colour-calibrated environment. It's never been easier to share colour data across and beyond your organisation for inspiration, design or production.

ChromaShare offers both desktop and web-based products which can integrate with each other, as well as third party systems such as PLM or ERP, to ensure a seamless experience. Our centralised approach to colour management brings traceability, accountability and powerful reporting capabilities which provide valuable insights into your colour process.

Not just colours, but images and production data too, can be shared globally and securely in real-time.

Easy installation and setup. We manage the server for you so you can focus on your colour process, not the IT.

The Flexible Colour Management Solution

The ChromaShare SmartClient platform covers the whole range of colour management needs, all in one easy-to-use, easy-to-install desktop application. It eliminates the need for local databases, emails and CDs, giving you responsive local working and global connectivity.

ChromaShare SmartClient
comes in a variety of configurations all sharing the same great ease of use and wide range of standard illuminants, colour difference equations and colour specification and decision making tools. Everything you save – every decision you make – is available world-wide without delays.

All the features you need - none that you don't

ChromaShare SmartClient software is modular for ease of use and cost effectiveness. There is a single application for all your colour requirements, that expands with your demands.

    CS PaletteShare
- measure, import, search and share palettes of colours.

    CS ImageShare
- add support for images, with recolouring and separation features.

    CS WorkFlow
- initiate and manage sample requests from your supply chain.

Accurate colour visualisation
can be a vital step in building confidence and making judgements about colour both within a business and between business. The SmartClient incorporates advanced monitor calibration technology to ensure all users see the same colour, not just for solid colours, but for images too.

Whatever the colour management challenges facing your business, the array of powerful functionality brought to you by the SmartClient is sure to keep you ahead:

Full control over which users can see or modify your palettes and images
Extensive use of drag and drop makes importing or moving colours a snap
Readily accept most colour formats including qtx and CxF files as well as all popular image formats
Easily compare colours with each other and to standards for quality control or decision making
Use sample attributes to attach searchable business information to individual samples or whole palettes
Separate, re-colour and display images in multiple illuminants
Request and manage standards dyeings, with advanced materials specification and support for file attachments
Generate reports on all parts of your colour process, to improve accountability and gain valuable business insights
Access your colours, images and reports from anywhere in the world - instantly
Use 'offline mode' to keep working even if your internet connection is temporarily unavailable
Highly intuitive user interface reduces training requirements and empowers users

Different Industries - One solution

Colour specifiers and designers in textile, apparel, footwear, paint, plastics, graphics arts, and automotive industries can all benefit from our software.

To truly appreciate the extent of functionality available from the SmartClient we recommend you contact us to arrange a demo.

Users can subscribe to email and SMS notifications to keep constantly in-touch with activity in the system.

Our standards based web service architecture makes integration with other systems, such as PLM, painless.

Colour visualisation and assessment

Advanced sample search and filtering

Full graphical reporting

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