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AutoFoam Systems Limited are world leaders in application of foamed chemicals to textiles and carpets.

Application of foamed
chemicals reduces the amount of moisture added to the substrate therfore allowing an increase in the dryer speed and efficiency, while minimising the energy consumption.

We have over twenty years experience with systems installed around the world.

The complete, proven AutoFoam system consisting of a foam applicator, dynamic foam mixer
and automated control system (FACT).

AutoFoam Mixer

The AutoFoam Foam Application Control Terminal (F.A.C.T.)


•  Easy to use and completely automatic.
Controls all aspects of the application process.
Links to the process line speed for automated operation.
Stores up to 500 process programs.
Unique LASER feedback of the foam status and application.

FACT Controller

Autofoam Mixer.

Dynamic Foam Mixer, Liquor Pump, Drive Motors, Mild Steel Support Framework and Stainless Steel enclosure panelling. Pressure gauges monitoring; Liquor Back pressure, Foam Back pressure and Air Input pressure.


All main components in contact with chemical mix are manufactured from 316 grade, stainless steel. The Foam Mixing head is coupled to an AC drive motor system and controlled automatically from the main control panel.  The chemical formulation is pumped under controlled conditions into the Stainless Steel Mixer Head by positive displacment pump driven by an AC variable speed drive system controlled automatically via the main control panel proportional to required wet pick-up or dry add-on requierd and linked to the production  line speed.

Autofoam Mixing head cross section

AutoFoam Applicator

AutoFoam Standard Applicator
AutoFoam Standard Applicator System with Traverse Pipe
AutoFoam Advanced Carpet Applicator System


AutoFoam application of chemcials gives significant benefits compared to traditional finishing and coating methods.
Save energy during drying by up to 50%;
Increase production output by up to 100%;
Decrease productivity costs by up to 50%;
Single side finishing or total penetration;
Uniform application across the fabric;
Reduce chemical costs by around 12-15%;
Automate and improve production control;
Make special coatings including pigments;
Improve product quality;
Add value and increase your product range;
Eliminate effluent.

Vist Autofoam at www.autofoam.com

Applications of the AutoFoam System

  • Resin (non-iron, stability and handle modification)

  • Softeners (silicones, fatty acid derivatives, stearamines)

  • Water and stain repellents

  • Fluorochemicals (Scotchgard®, Teflon®, NUVA®)

  • Anti-microbial (fungi, bacteria, etc.)

  • Anti-insect (beetle, moth, etc.)

  • Flame retardant impregnations (Pyrovatex CP)

  • UV stability agents

  • Flame retardant back-coatings for fabrics

  • Latex back-coatings for fabrics (weave and seam stability)

  • Latex back-coatings for velvet (pile retention)

  • Black-out coatings for curtain linings

  • Latex coatings and impregnations for carpets and felts (for stability and pile retention)

  • Thermo-mouldable latex/resin coatings and impregnations for automotive carpets

  • Back Coating of Automotive fabric seat

  • Stain repellents for synthetic and wool carpets

  • Stain blocking for synthetic and wool carpets

  • Insect resistance for wool carpets

  • Anti-microbial resistance (fungi and bacteria)

  • Anti-static treatments

  • Dye fastness improvement (against bleach and Ultraviolet light)

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